Natalie Stewart

Natalie Stewart is a former member of the English musical duo, Floetry.
Original members Marsha Ambrosious and Natalie Stewart met through their love of basketball and formed a friendship. Both attended the Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology, where Ambrosious studied business and finance and Stewart majored in Performing Arts, Media and Art. For college Ambrosius planned to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia on a basketball scholarship, but could not due to an injury. Stewart attended Middlesex University in London, but later transferred to North London University. During these years, both women continued to keep in touch. Stewart was a founding member of the performance poetry group 3 Plus 1, which was rising to critical acclaim throughout London, Birmingham, and Manchester. After inviting Ambrosius to join her on stage to perform at a spoken word night, where they debuted a piece that they had written together called Fantasize, combining spoken word and singing, Floetry was born.

In 2000, the duo travelled to the United States to perform on the poetry circuit. After frequenting spoken word/poetry spots in Atlanta, such as Yin Yang Poets' Cafe, they moved on to Philadelphia. There they met Darren 'Limitless' Henson and Keith 'Keshon' Pelzer of DJ Jazzy Jeff's Touch Of Jazz studio and began recording. In 2002, they signed with DreamWorks Records and released their debut album Floetic, which featured the singles "Floetic", "Say Yes", and "Getting Late". The album was also released in the UK with additional tracks, one of which featured the British singer-songwriter and record producer, Sebastian Rogers.
In 2005, Floetry released Flo'Ology, their second studio album. It debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200, and included the single "SupaStar" featuring rapper Common.

Her debut solo album, The Floacist presents: Floetic Soul, was released in 2010 on Shanachie Records.


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