Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (born August 18, 1970) is an American television actor, film director, and musician, known primarily for his roles in sitcoms, movies and television. He is best known for his role as Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show and as Malcolm McGee on Malcolm and Eddie.

Warner was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and was raised by his divorced mother, Pamela Warner, who served as his manager. He was named after Malcolm X and Jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal. At the age of nine Warner demonstrated an interest in show business which led to enrollment in acting schools.

With appearances and roles on many televisions shows and films, he landed his most successful role as Theo Huxtable, the only son of Heathcliff Huxtable, who was played by Bill Cosby on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992. Warner auditioned for the role on the very last day of the nationwide search and was chosen by Cosby himself. He also starred in Jeremiah, was the voice of The Producer character on The Magic School Bus and co-starred for 4 years on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie.

Warner was on the CBS sitcom Listen Up! with Jason Alexander and the host of the literacy-promoting children's show CBS Storybreak. He guest-starred on an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air playing the role of Hilary's boyfriend, and has directed several music videos including British R&B group Five Star's "I Love You For Sentimental Reasons" (1994) as well as many sitcom episodes including The Cosby Show, Kenan & Kel, and Malcolm & Eddie.

In addition, Warner directed the acclaimed, teen-oriented public health video "Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, and You" (1992), which featured Arsenio Hall and Earvin "Magic" Johnson (among others) discussing the realities of HIV and AIDS and the best ways to prevent its spread.

While he is quick to point out that his name is Malcolm, not Theo, he says he has no problem with being recognized as Theo Huxtable, and contends that he has nothing but positive memories of The Cosby Show. In 2003, Warner showed his musical chops & released his debut EP, "The Miles Long Mixtape." In 2007, Warner followed up with his second CD entitled, "Love & Other Social Issues." In 2009 He Guest Starred in a Episode in the New TNT series Hawthorne.

He is also a performance poet, and has hosted the Poetry Jam at the National Black Theatre Festival for four years, according to their website.


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