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The Shape Of Things to Come

New tshirt on Zazzle! The Shape of things to Come



Siri and Nicki Minaj do not get along...

Yesterday, at work, my coworkers and I were discussing the New Nicki Minaj Video, (of whom I am NOT a fan) "Anaconda". They were telling me how sexually explicit it was and it could have been a porn video. I decided to pull it up on my phone , but I forgot I had deleted YouTube a while back to make room for other apps. I have an iPhone, so I asked Siri to find the video. The picture below shows Siri's response. Needless to say, I didnt see the video on my phone.   

Alvin Ailey and Judith Jamison

Black Strength, Black Beauty

Black Strength, Black Beauty I have a new Tshirt for sale on . Available until Sept 1. If I get enough pre-orders. Please check it out.

The Hartfords

Back in the day I used to make up characters and even tried to write a story around them. I quickly realized that I do not have the patience required to be a great, or even a good writer. But anyway, I created this black family named the Hartfords. They were an upscale kinda bunch with architects, doctors, artists, writers and musicians in the mix. I drew plenty of pics to go along with my story. Now that I look back at them, they were kind of naive, like I was then. If I were to revisit them now, I would make them quite different. Here are a couple of the sketches: