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Dry Spell

I haven't really been feeling creative lately. Seems no one is interested in what I do anyway. So I'm taking a self-imposed break, might last a day a week or a year. Only time will tell.
I hope every one has a great Holiday and New Year. Stay Inspired...

Black and White

Michelle's New Gown







KyleWhile he waits for my original designs to be completed, Kyle wanted something more stylish to wear. Suit by Tonner.

It's just Business....

Kyle & Kina

Vesta Williams (December 1, 1957 – September 22, 2011)

JAMIEshow Kyle

My JAMIEshow Kyle arrived yesterday from Angelic Dreamz and I am blown away.The quality is superb. I love the weight of the doll and the posing.

He wanted to pose with his "sister" Paris.

Women of the World

Let It Whip

This would be THE doll for my collection....

Spice and Honey + Esme

Jason Wu Paris Alexander

I don't really care for the body and the head seems kind of large. I do like the dress. I added my own hat design to this photo.
 I like her much better now with a costume change.


Martha Jones as Princess Tiana

Blonde Lace and Chocolate Curls

Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue

One of my favorite songs by Ledisi....

The President and Mrs Obama

I got My Franklin Mint Michelle Obama doll earlier this year. I didn't like the articulation, so I ended up transferring her head to a Tonner Antoinette Mannequin, which suited her much better.
She seemed so lonely, so I started searching for a Obama doll that would be the right scale.
The only one I could find was Porcelain, by Danbury Mint. I wish He was vinyl, but I do love his suit and the other details. Also, he is perfect scale. I present ... The President and Mrs Obama

Zoe Washburne Arrived Today!!

She kind of has the same smile..just a little.

My collection

Today I took most of my dolls out for a photo.

Halle Berry/Catwoman doll with reroot by Laurie Lenz

Pantsuit, anyone?

Some of my Collection