Dry Spell

I haven't really been feeling creative lately. Seems no one is interested in what I do anyway. So I'm taking a self-imposed break, might last a day a week or a year. Only time will tell.
I hope every one has a great Holiday and New Year. Stay Inspired...


  1. that makes me sad bc i really love what you do. I think you are more than damn good at it. I surely hope you take a few days or so and realize that you never know who you are touching with your work. A lot of folks are lurkers or silent watchers but love and adore you just the same as we that talk. I hope you dont give up and continue to showcase your talent.

  2. Love the picture. That's a great President Obama. Now to get on you about your other comments. I have added a psychiatrist to my doll town. Her name is Tina, and she has requested you call her and make an appointment. The more you care about what you are doing, the more others will care. And if they don't, you are still enjoying your craft and having the time of your life. The joy I get from doing my stories and building my families is so incredible. The people enjoying it is an added bonus. It is not my main reason for doing it. It shouldn't be your main reason either. If you are not enjoying your dolls, then you are right you need to take a break and come back to it when it makes you happier. Please don't look to others for that happiness. Find it within. Oh yeah, Tina told me to say those things. So don't shoot the messenger. If you want to get upset with her, you will have to make that appointment.

  3. I just thought of something else very personal to say to you. Last month I was told that my treatment for my cancer is not working. I can't currently afford to move to another treatment, even with insurance because of the out-of-pocket expense. Would you believe that I am still having the time of my life each and every day that I get up. I don't let anything my doctor's say get me down. All I can think is, "I have so many stories to write, so many dolls to still debox, so many outfits to make from all the material I have, so many new accessories I need to feature in a story." This dying thing has to wait. And I say that with a smile, seriously. When I was close to the end, last year, it was my dolls that helped me make a comeback. When you are that close to the end, you realize that all the petty stuff you worried about all the years prior was such a big waste of time. You no longer have a desire to waste any more time on nonsense. All of a sudden you want to live life to the fullest. Take my advice. Stop wasting your time having any self pity. Start living life to the fullest. That's all there is to life. The rest is all BS.

  4. I am very interested in what you do. I enjoy your blog posts and hope you will continue to share your creativity. I'm sure your other followers feel the same way. Some people are not as vocal as others and are shy about posting comments. Keep the posts coming.


  5. Thank You all for your comments...I really do appreciate you...


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