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Love is in the Air..sonofellis circa 2001

Funky Retro Toni Braxton

Grace...Pull up to the Bumper

Michelle Obama

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Madam C.J. Walker

New Hats!

New Hats Courtesy of BlackDoll Enthusiast



Oprah for Spring

Sade in Denim

Chaka Khan in Animal Print.

Debbie Allen in Sweet Charity 1986

Patrick Kelly by SonofEllis

Million Dollar Bill

Liebster Blog Award Nominee

I was nominated for the 

Liebster Blog Award (click here) by dbg of the Black Doll Collecting Blog. It was over a month ago, so I'm way past time, but I still wanted to answer her questions Questions from DBG: 1. What prompted you to begin blogging? I started blogging to share my doll photos and my artwork. 
 2. When do you usually write your blogs? Just whenever, I'm usually up late, so late at night is the best times for me.
 3.  What inspires or otherwise motivates you to publish a blog? Hmmmm. I'm not really a writer, so I basically share pictures and ideas, and that my main motivation.
 4.  What is your favorite pastime? Drawing and Collecting dolls. 
 5. If your favorite pastime involves collecting dolls, answer this question and the next two (otherwise skip to question 8): What dolls do you collect? I collect 16 and 17 inch fashion dolls.
 6.  How long have you been collecting and what prompted you to begin? I started years ago, but I really started my current collection …