Liebster Blog Award Nominee

I was nominated for the 

Liebster Blog Award (click here) by dbg of the Black Doll Collecting Blog.

It was over a month ago, so I'm way past time, but I still wanted to answer her questions

Questions from DBG:

 1. What prompted you to begin blogging? I started blogging to share my doll photos and my artwork. 
 2. When do you usually write your blogs? Just whenever, I'm usually up late, so late at night is the best times for me.
 3.  What inspires or otherwise motivates you to publish a blog? Hmmmm. I'm not really a writer, so I basically share pictures and ideas, and that my main motivation.
 4.  What is your favorite pastime? Drawing and Collecting dolls. 
 5. If your favorite pastime involves collecting dolls, answer this question and the next two (otherwise skip to question 8): What dolls do you collect? I collect 16 and 17 inch fashion dolls.
 6.  How long have you been collecting and what prompted you to begin? I started years ago, but I really started my current collection around 2008.
 7.  Are your dolls confined to one room or are they in more than one room in your home? Most of my dolls are in my home office.
 8. If questions 5-7 do not apply to you, but you are a former collector, why do you no longer collect?
 9. What was the last movie you saw either in a theater or on DVD? Chitty Chitty Bang
10. What was the last book you read?Perfect Peace by Daniel Black
11. If you could live anywhere other than your current location, where would it be?Somewhere sunny like Hawaii or Florida 
Since , I'm late in posting, I won't nominate.
Again, I apologize to DBG for my late post.


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  2. Well... I will try this again. I thought I was deleting a duplicate comment.

    Thanks for answering my questions, Bobby. I enjoyed your answers and continue to enjoy your art, which is the reason your blog is one of my favorites.

    I tried to read Perfect Peace but could not finish it beyond the first few chapters because of the backwardness of the parents and the midwife. They all interrupted my perfect peace. I do wonder what happened to the male child that the mother made a girl for her own selfish reason of wanting a female child. How did it affect the child when he learned he was actually a girl at age 8, I think? How did the father react and how did the child's multiple, funny-named siblings react to now having another brother?

    I have so many unanswered questions -- none that I expect you to answer. I was just wondering out loud or in print.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions.


    1. Thanks for the nomination, even though I missed it :-).
      I know I could work harder on my blog, but I am a person of few words. I just like to
      As for Perfect Peace, it was the last book I read, and I think it ruined my enjoyment for reading for a long while. It really never made any sense. I could not sympathize with one character in the book, except for the child, because he was thrust into a situation which he had no control over. The mother did eventually commit suicide, which I felt was very weak of her. To leave your child all alone after basically ruining his life? The father totally turned on the child like it was his fault. Also, this book makes it seem like you can make someone gay or straight. There were so many holes in the plot. I really expected more from the story.

  3. You're welcome!

    Thanks for letting me know what ultimately happened in the book. I would have never imagined that the mother committed suicide. I am sure the child was confused by everything. The cover image is what caught my eye when I was browsing for something else and that book was suggested.

    Please don't let this poorly written story make you give up on reading.



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