While he waits for my original designs to be completed, Kyle wanted something more stylish to wear. Suit by Tonner.


  1. I dont like it. I hate suits. I wrote about it on my bLOG. I like him in your other original pieces. Ive just always hated suits. I feel like clothing should have more creativity and unisex friendly clothing. Im not saying men have to walk around in skirts and dresses, but I just feel like women can wear anything and be formal, but men always have old faithful mr suit to put on. different fabric...same old store. Its so boring to me.

    I think we do not take into account enough that men have just as many body shapes as women do. we should make more clothes to accentuate our figures too. We are not all built the same way and should be able to show case our favorite body parts just as anyone else.

    i always feel alone IMO on this ...but i dont have a problem with that.

  2. I can respect your opinion, but at the same time I enjoy many different aspects of menswear. This suit being only one of many styles I intend to share.


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