The President and Mrs Obama

I got My Franklin Mint Michelle Obama doll earlier this year. I didn't like the articulation, so I ended up transferring her head to a Tonner Antoinette Mannequin, which suited her much better.
She seemed so lonely, so I started searching for a Obama doll that would be the right scale.
The only one I could find was Porcelain, by Danbury Mint. I wish He was vinyl, but I do love his suit and the other details. Also, he is perfect scale. I present ... The President and Mrs Obama


  1. What a lovely couple... I'm still craving a vinyl of the President in this scale.


  2. Me too!!!
    It didn't seem to be happening anytime soon, though.
    If You find one let me know. I can re-home this one I'm sure... :-)

  3. How nice. He may not be vinyl, but he sure looks good. And what more can you say about how wonderful Mrs. Obama looks.

  4. I most definitely will let you know if I see a vinyl rendition of President Obama either directly or via blog.



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