Angela Bofill

Angela Bofill (born on May 2, 1954 in The Bronx) is an American R&B contralto vocalist and songwriter.

Bofill was born to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother. She performed with Ricardo Morrero & the Group and Dance Theater of Harlem chorus prior to her 1978 debut album, Angie. She scored several dance hits such as "Angel Of The Night," "Something About You," "Holding Out For Love," and "Too Tough." However, she is probably best known for her ballad "This Time I'll Be Sweeter" and her signature tune, "I Try". In the early 1980s, she recorded You're A Special Part Of Me, a duet with romantic balladeer Johnny Mathis. Her 1983 album "Teaser" featured the Top 10 R&B chart hit "I'm On Your Side," which also became a hit for Jennifer Holliday in 1991.

Bofill is one of the first Latina musicians to find success in the R&B market.

She recorded two more modestly successful albums for Arista (with the help of the System and George Duke) before moving to Capitol and producer Norman Connors for Intuition in 1988. It was her last notable chart success. She recorded three more albums over the next eight years of varying quality, and provided backing vocals on a number of other albums, most notably Connors' excellent Eternity in 2000.

She's appeared in a number of stage plays over the last few years, including "God Don’t Like Ugly" and "What A Man Wants, What A Man Needs." She's also regularly toured the US and Europe in multi-artist jazz artist shows.

According to her manager, Rich Engel, Angela Bofill suffered a stroke on January 10, 2006 and was subsequently paralyzed on her left side. Bofill convalesced at Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa, CA. She was released from intensive care on January 15 and required speech and physical therapy.

Because Ms. Bofill did not have health insurance, a benefit concert was organized to pay her hospital bills. The show, planned by Engel along with NY radio stations Kiss FM and CD 101.9, was held on March 11 at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, NJ. Similar events were being planned for Detroit and Los Angeles, Engel said. Other aid was being sought from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

According to her website, Ms. Bofill suffered another massive stroke on July 10, 2007. Her condition at this time is stable. She currently resides in a convalescent home in the Bay Area. Aid from her fans, friends, and family is being solicited through her website.

But there is more than encouraging news to report. Because Angela has been receiving daily therapy, her mobility, and speech have improved dramatically. After Carmen gets released, which should be soon, Angela will be moving into her own apartment which has already been secured. Angie is at the point of practicing her singing. She decided to put that off until she gets into her new digs. " I started practicing in the hospital but I drew a crowd. Too embarrasing. " Angela now has thoughts of returning to the stage. With Gods help and prayers from all of us, she just might pull it off. I spoke to Angela in the middle of this writing and she asked me to convey, that "I am truly blessed to have such loyal fans, and that I send love to each and every one." Tracks from live album, Live From Manila, is now available to download at CD Baby.


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