Funky Fashion


  1. omg! the white outfit! yes i would wear that in real life! omg did u make that!?

  2. Hey thank you!!!!
    Yes I made it ..pretty simple actually...thanks again

    1. But i want that. Maybe when I go into my sewing again, you can advise me about making a life sized version. I just love that outfit. Im putting it down on my list to make. If you dont mind. Will be a little while from now but I will definitely make sure it happens. Youll have the first pics. I could tone the hat down a bit. but I still love the high drama of it all.

  3. You did a wonderful job on all three outfits! The white one is my favorite, too.

  4. Wow, thanks for the love. I didn't expect it but it is appreciated. @harbor lights , I would love to see it lifesized..great idea!


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